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NMC Technologies Earns Prestigious International Organization of Standardization 17025 Accreditation

July 27, 2016

NMC, Inc. is proud to announce the NMC Technologies Fluid Analysis Lab has recently earned the prestigious International Organization of Standardization (ISO) 17025 accreditation for oil, coolant and fuel. NMC is the third Caterpillar® dealer globally to achieve this accreditation.

To earn accreditation from a recognized accreditation body, the NMC Technologies Fluid Analysis Lab underwent a rigorous process through which an independent, third party verified the Lab’s technical competence to perform specific tests, types of tests or calibrations.

“Our team worked for a year and a half toward the goal of accreditation. We looked at everything – our operating procedures, documentation, technical competence, fluids sampling and analysis procedures, and general day-to-day activities – to ensure the quality of test and calibration data,” said Drew Walker – NMC Six Sigma Black Belt.
Once a lab is accredited, it must go through the same rigorous process to maintain accreditation. All labs are reassessed every two years after the initial accreditation. Between the two-year assessments, labs must undergo proficiency testing several times a year.

“During that two year period, it doesn’t mean we can be complacent, we are constantly trying to improve our processes, procedures and training,” said Mary Churchill – NMC Fluid Analysis Manager.

What does the ISO 17025 accreditation mean for NMC Technologies Fluid Lab customers? It means the lab is producing reliable test and calibration results – and that they can be certain the information they’re given is dependable and accurate. And when it comes to managing equipment maintenance, reducing unscheduled downtime, and increasing overall productivity – dependable and accurate information is priceless.

About NMC Technologies
Based in Omaha, Nebraska, the NMC Technologies team provides comprehensive fluid analysis solutions which can detect a problem in a machine’s major components before a decline in performance is noticed. For more than four decades, this vital service has helped customers reduce unexpected machine downtime and control costs. Whether for fuel, coolant, or oil – NMC Technologies Fluid Analysis offers extensive testing on all types of equipment – regardless of make or model and spanning a multitude of industries.