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Power Quality Systems

Continuous power isn’t the only issue when it comes to electrical supply. Even when the electricity is on, the quality of the power can be compromised. Dips, sags and surges create an unstable flow of electricity that can be just as damaging as a complete outage – if not more so – making a clean power supply an equally critical priority. The most common sources of power quality issues are natural causes such as weather, technological issues involving equipment or wiring malfunctions and human error. These issues can create a myriad of problems, including:

  • Loss of critical data
  • Dropped sales or service calls
  • Damage to manufacturing equipment
  • Loss of product or a batch of materials
  • Environmental safety risks
  • Legal liabilities resulting from service lapses

Power Protection Systems

Business applications that benefit from Cat power protection systems include:

  • Continuous process manufacturing such as plastics, chemicals and pharmaceuticals
  • Information technology providers including data centers, call centers and broadcast companies
  • Critical services including hospitals and emergency response systems
  • Government entities including schools and universities, mass transit systems and public utilities
  • Financial and retail operations such as banks, insurance groups and department stores
  • Companies that would suffer operationally, financially or legally from a power disturbance of any length of time