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NMC Power Systems Team Members Receive Award Through Leadership Link

March 18, 2016

Omaha, Neb. (March 2016) – NMC Power Systems, a division of NMC, Inc. headquartered in Omaha, Neb. received a recognition award for team work and achieving a common goal for the maintenance of the Lincoln Electric System Landfill Gas project.

Leadership Link sponsors the Teamwork Award which is awarded once a year by the local chapter. It recognizes an outstanding group of employees who have demonstrated a willingness to work together toward a common goal. Leadership Link is the local government chapter of the National Management Association based in Lincoln, Neb.

Criteria for the award is provided in the following categories:

  • Work as a cohesive group of individuals who put aside personal preferences to achieve a common goal
  • Communicate as a team to gain efficiencies and ideas
  • Assist one another to achieve the goal
  • Exceed expectations in timeliness and professionalism while working toward the successful completion of a project, assignment or work activity
  • Save money or raise morale through successful completion and implementation a project, assignment or work activity
  • Work with other departments, agencies, private sector
  • Achieve successful completion of the project within time frame allowed
  • Act independently with minimal supervision

Team members from the following companies were recognized, Lincoln Public Works & Utilities, Lincoln Electric Systems and NMC Power Systems.

“We are proud of the teamwork and collaboration between all involved in the Lincoln Electric System landfill gas processing systems,” said Dave Watson, General Manager at NMC Power Systems. “This project not only exemplifies our ability to work closely with our customers, but it shows that working together can improve operations and benefit the community.”

Project Benefits of the Lincoln Electric System include:

  • Continuous, steady stream of renewable energy
  • Equivalent to annual electrical energy needs of about 2,500 homes in Lincoln
  • Uses local renewable resource (landfill gas}
  • Greenhouse gas reduction equivalent to:
    • Annual greenhouse gas emissions from 24,000 cars
    • Carbon sequestered annually by 27,000 acres of pine forests
    • CO2 emissions from burning 185 railcars worth of coal
    • CO2 emissions from 14.3 million gallons of gasoline
  • 27,000 Renewable Energy Credits produced annually


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