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Product Support

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An NMC Cat’s PSSR’s job is to be your full-time link to all the services and resources of NMC Cat, as well as your direct connection to Caterpillar and to our other equipment and machinery manufacturers. He can act as your personal, professional equipment maintenance consultant; he can give you practical advice about worktool and parts options and offer valuable suggestions on machine utilization, all based on solid knowledge and hands-on experience. 

Benefits of utilizing your pssr include:

  • Reduced downtime and proactive maintenance
  • Equipment management consulting services
  • Unparalleled product support
  • Custom track service and undercarriage inspection using the latest software and technology
  • Product Link assistance
  • Maintenance and repair suggestions, allowing you to make the best service decisions for your business
  • Solutions for any equipment repair 
  • Answers to latest Cat technical data
  • Technical analysis of reports
  • Helping predict when a major component needs repair or overhaul
  • Discussion on repair options and guaranteed pricing
  • Access to ground engaging tools, filters, batteries, hardware, etc.
  • Management of your Customer Support Agreement