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Cat Product Link and VisionLink


The combination of Cat Product Link hardware and VisionLink software results in a remote monitoring solution for your equipment that enables efficient and effective fleet management. Cat Product Link hardware gives you more timely, useful information about how your equipment is performing. The end result is superior fleet management that creates maximum efficiency, productivity and better control over your owning and operating costs.

Cat Product Link hardware has an easy-to-use interface, called VisionLink, which enables customized health and utilization reports, enhanced mapping and mixed-fleet capabilities. Product Link transmits the information via cell and satellite to enable better construction equipment management. The new Product Link hardware comes standard on most new Cat machines and connects customers directly to NMC's Equipment Management Solutions team. 
Older machines and other equipment can be retrofitted with Product Link. Typically, machines manufactured within the past 10 years have electronically controlled systems that enable use of a broader collection of Product Link features. Similar solutions are available for other makes of equipment or Cat machines with mechanical systems.
Product Link/VisionLink Benefits 

View Locations and Hours of Your Machine

  • Track machine location
  • View machine location mapping and history
  • See your entire fleet at a glance
  • Track machine hour reading and history

Monitor Machine Diagnostics & Events

  • View event & diagnostic codes
  • Receive alerts via text or email when a fault code is generated

Monitor Fuel Usage

  • View fuel level
  • Receive fuel level alerts
  • Track fuel consumption
  • View refueling history

Manage Fleet Maintenance and Repairs

  • Utilize as a preventative maintenance (PM) and repair planner
  • View next PM due (date & hour based)
  • Receive PM alerts, PM checklist, and PM parts list
  • Customize your PM checklist
  • View maintenance history
  • Manage major repairs
  • View repair history
  • Click through to NMC Cat to order parts


  • Reduce owning and operating costs
  • Receive customized machine alerts via text or email
  • Get the right information to the right people at the right time
  • Compare working time versus idle time
  • View non-reporting machine identification
  • Set up sit boundaries and security alerts

VisionLink Solutions by Industry

  • Be alerted when a machine enters a township or city's territory
  • Address residents' questions as to when their road was graded/snow plowed
  • Monitor operator performance and location
Feedlots/Power Plants/Ethanol Plants
  • Track machine idle time
  • Calculate cycle counts/time
  • Evaluate fuel levels, fuel consumption, and burn rates
General Construction
  • View fluid analysis results
  • Monitor machine diagnostics/events (fault codes)
  • Create specific job site groups for each crew for easy and organized monitoring
  • Record/track maintenance
  • Monitor machine start/stop times (start of day, end of day, lunch, breaks, etc)
  • Be alerted via text or email when a machine leaves a job site

Types of Product Link Hardware Solutions
  • PL522 System (cellular based CAT DataLink system)
  • PL421 System (cellular based SAE J1939 system)
  • PL321 System (satellite based CAT DataLink system)
Disclaimer: Not all features listed above are available on every machine. Feature availability depends on the make, model, and age of the machine.

Need Help?

For more information contact your product support or sales representative. You may also contact the equipment solutions team at