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Certified Rebuilds


Your CAT machine is built to be rebuilt. Our certified Rebuilds provide a like-new machine with the latest technology and engineering updates at a fraction of the cost of a new machine. NMC Cat's Certified Rebuild program is an economical solution to extend the life of your CAT equipment. Rebuilt machines come with a new warranty, hour meter and serial number and restores your machine to like-new performance.

NMC Cat also offers the Caterpillar Certified Power Train Rebuild program. For maximum productivity, improved reliability and durability, this is another cost-effective solution providing similar new-machine warranty and power train coverage. This process incorporates critical engineering improvements and restores your CAT power train to like-new performance.

Cat Certified Machine Rebuild (CCR)

  • Restores machine to like-new performance
  • 7000 parts typically replaced or reconditioned
  • Reinforce frame
  • Recondition radiator, engine, transmission, torque converter, hydraulics, and axle
  • Critical engineering updates included
  • Machine repainted
  • New product identification number
  • 50% - 60% of new machine cost with customer core
  • Similar to new warranty
  • Extended power train coverage available
  • Emission upgrades (Tier IV) available
  • Service work performed by NMC Cat factory-trained technicians 

Cat Certified Power Train Rebuild (CPT)

  • Restores power train to like-new performance
  • covers radiator, engine, transmission, torque converter, final drive and axle
  • 3000 parts typically replaced, reconditioned, or reman
  • Critical engineering updates included
  • Similar to new warranty
  • Extended power train coverage available

The CCR and CPT Process

      1. Inspection/Evaluation

This vital first step is a thorough process during which we develop a customized rebuild plan and cost estimate. The specific needs of your machine or power train are determined through a comprehensive evaluation, which includes fluid analysis, careful visual inspections and review of maintenance/S-O-S analysis services. Cat Certified Rebuild includes more than 300 tests and inspections. Cat Certified Power Train up to 200.


       2. Disassembly

Once the rebuild plan is established, your machine or power train will be completely disassembled. All hoses, belts, seals, gaskets, bearings, knobs, wiring, switches and gauges will be replaced with new parts. Remaining parts will be inspected and measured against our strict reusability guidelines. Those that do not meet our high standards will either be replaced with new or CAT Reman parts, or reconditioned to meet guideline specifications. Cat Certified Rebuilds include automatic replacement of approximately 7,000 parts; power train rebuilds include approximately 3,000 parts.


      3. Reconditioning   

This phase of the process addresses equipment needs not typically included in an overhaul. For example, frames are examined and, if necessary, they are straightened, welded and reinforced. Worn linkage pins and shaft bearings are replaced. Hydraulic systems are returned to their original levels of performance, reliability and cleanliness, meeting ISO 18/15. Even electronic control modules and software are replaced. 


      4. Engineering Updates

During reassembly, critical improvements that have been made to this machine model since original manufacturing will be incorporated into your machine or power train. 



    5. Power Train Tests 

The engine, fuel system, transmission, torque converter, differential, final drives and radiator are also disassembled, inspected, and reconditioned and updated with new or qualified parts. then, before reinstallation, each component is thoroughly bench tested.


      6. Reassembly

All critical torques, clearances and pressure settings will be maintained and recorded during careful reassembly of your machine or power train by our professional technicians. Engine wiring harnesses are always replaced, and all other wiring is replaced on full machine rebuilds only.


      7. Performance Testing

Quality control is integral to both rebuild programs. Therefore, rigorous testing is conducted at several stages. Among the tests routinely performed are: turbocharger boost, throttle response, stall speed rpm, transmission and steering clutch response, and hydraulic and pilot relief valve pressures. Contamination control procedures are followed to assure the unit meets total system cleanliness of ISO 18/15. Instrument and operational testing are also conducted to ensure field performance levels match those in the shop.


      8. Repainting

Your machine will perform like new - and look like new - after a complete paint job and application of new model identity graphics on a full certified rebuild. Finally, a Cat Certified Rebuild decal will be issued.


      9. New Serial Number or Product Identification Number

A new serial number or product identification number (Cat Certified Rebuild only) not only identifies your machine, it entitles you to a like-new standard warranty. Because it verifies the exception Caterpillar rebuild process, it dramatically increases your resale value.


      10. Customer Evaluation

The rebuild process is not considered complete until your operators are satisfied with the performance of the machine or power train in its working environment.