NMC Railway Systems Products

  • 329_Off_Track_Excavator_Pod_01Off-Track Maintenance System

    This customized track maintenance system delivers increased work tool options, improved cycle times and ease-of-operation. 

  • 324D MagneticCMCD 312E Magnetic Crane

    The NMC CMCD 312E Magnetic Crane was designed specifically for railroad material handling maintenance and transport projects.

  • BackhoeBackhoe Loader High-Rail Dolly System

    This is a customized system that attaches to the backhoe loader undercarriage to friction drive the backhoe on the rail. 

  • 308_Tie_Crane_Product_Pod_01308E CR Tie Crane

    This machine offers a modern approach to railroad tie handling. Its compact design packs a powerful lift capacity and precise tool control which delivers enhanced tie handling agility.

  • 312_HRE_Product_Pod_01312E L HRE

    This is the perfect addition to our high-rail equipment line. Its compact design features great strength and performance in a lighter-weight machine.

  • 324_HRE_Product_Pod_01324D L HRE

    Our 324D L HRE is the most productive piece of maintenance equipment in the railroad industry.

  • Four_Motor_Tamper_Product_Pod_01Specialty Railroad Attachments

    Our extensive line of specialized tools optimizes rail maintenance jobsite performance and reduces downtime.

  • 930K_pod930K Swingloader

    Our 930K Swingloader ensures maximum productivity and 200 degree swing arms with high lifting capacity

  • 320 HRE pod320 Hi-Rail Excavator

    Our 320 HRE is the perfect medium sized excavator to ensure maintenance projects are kept on track.

The NMC Group of Companies

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