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Lincoln, Nebraska

401 Northwest 56th Street
Lincoln,  NE  68528
Ph: 402-474-5566 Toll Free: 800-898-6239

NMC Cat® Power Systems: Lincoln, NE’s Generator Solutions Center

NMC Cat has worked with Nebraska businesses for many years to provide reliable Cat equipment. We offer a wide range of equipment solutions to suit companies working in a vast variety of industries. If you’re interested in outfitting your Lincoln business with reliable Cat generators, generator service and electrical services, read on to learn how we can help.


Power Generation Systems: A Smart Investment

Utility power drives your Lincoln company’s operation, keeps your data protected and ensures your staff’s safety systems function properly. When a strong storm knocks your power out, your business is in danger of damaged equipment, data loss and unsafe working conditions. Don’t risk creating problems with these crucial elements — invest in reliable power generation equipment. It’s a smart move to protect your company’s bottom line.

Cat is a name you can trust to provide you with power generation equipment that will stand the test of time. NMC Cat Power Systems provides several varieties of Cat power generation equipment, and we can help supply you with the machines you need to keep your business running smoothly when utility power fails.

Power Generation Equipment & Generator Maintenance

NMC Cat Power Systems offers Lincoln, NE and the surrounding area Cat-powered gas, diesel and used generators for sale. We also offer generator maintenance services for your existing inventory, including:

  • Engine generator rebuilding.
  • Ability to overhaul entire power generation systems.
  • Megger testing.
  • Generator rewind servicing.
  • Generator fuel system cleaning to eliminate impurities and ensure efficient fuel usage.
  • Generator painting to help your unit blend in with the rest of your company’s equipment.
  • Load bank testing to ensure your generator’s power handling capacity.

Electrical Service Equipment

In addition to offering generators for sale and generator maintenance services, NMC Cat Power Systems offers our Lincoln clients several electrical service equipment units, including:

  • Uninterruptable Power Systems & Batteries: For additional protection against utility power outages.
  • Switchgear: To ensure seamless transitions between utility and back-up power.
  • Transformers
  • Cables
  • Circuit breakers

All of the above equipment can help you design a back-up power system for your Lincoln business that will ensure you are protected when utility power isn’t available.

NMC Cat Power Systems — Quality Power Generation Equipment for Your Lincoln Business

NMC Cat Power Systems has supplied Lincoln, NE businesses, hospitals, healthcare facilities, cities and municipalities with reliable Cat equipment for many years. Whatever your business’s power generation needs are — whether you simply need to replace a generator or are looking to develop a back-up power generator system— we can help.

Contact us today to speak with one of our knowledgeable sales representatives.


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