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Gering/Scottsbluff, Nebraska

2705 North 10th Street
Gering,  NE  69341
Ph: 308-632-6163 Toll Free: 800-898-6238

Gering/Scottsbluff Generator and Power System Solutions: NMC Cat® Power Systems

Power is a crucial element in energizing your business’s infrastructure. We often take it for granted, assuming it’ll be there when we need it. There are occasions, however, when utility power isn’t available — maybe a strong storm has knocked out transmission lines, or a planned outage has been scheduled for maintenance purposes.

Whatever the cause of the loss in utility power, it’s important to make sure your business is protected against damage to your equipment, injury to your employees and loss of your company’s data. NMC Cat Power Systems offers gas, diesel and used generators for sale, generator maintenance and repair service, as well as electrical services to help your Scottsbluff/Gering business prepare for the loss of utility power.

Cat Generators & Generator Services for Your Scottsbluff Business

NMC Cat Power Systems carries a variety of Cat generators available for purchase. Whether you’re looking for a gas- or diesel-powered unit for your Scottsbluff company or are interested in availing yourself of a well-cared-for used unit, we can source the equipment you need for your operation. Cat has maintained a reputation for top-notch quality and unbeatable durability for many decades — the purchase of a Cat machine is a smart investment.

In addition to our inventory of fine power generation units, we also offer generator maintenance and repair services to the Scottsbluff community. Here’s a list of the different types of generator services we offer:

  • Megger testing
  • Generator re-winding
  • Entire generator overhauls
  • Entire generator engine re-builds
  • Load bank testing to determine your generator’s power rating
  • Generator painting to help your unit blend in with your business’s other equipment
  • Generator fuel system cleaning to increase fuel flow and engine efficiency

Trust the technicians at NMC Cat Power Systems to provide your generators with the proper care and maintenance they need to maintain optimal functionality.

Electrical System Services

In addition to our generator sales and service, NMC Cat offers Scottsbluff Cat electrical services for sale. Our inventory includes:

  • Electrical cables
  • Transformers
  • Circuit breakers
  • Uninterruptable Power Systems & Batteries: Also known as UPS units, these machines utilize flywheels and/or batteries to store energy to power your equipment when utility power is unavailable.
  • Switchgear: Switchgear functions as an important part of a company’s backup power supply system. It can determine when utility power has been lost, turning on your generators and helping to make a smooth transition to ensure your equipment does not experience power loss.

The above units are important components in building a back-up power supply system for your business that can help fortify it against utility power loss.

Ready to Outfit Your Scottsbluff Business With Quality Power Generation Equipment? Call Us!

Businesses throughout Scottsbluff have counted on NMC Cat to provide them with rock-solid Cat machinery and power system solutions for many years. If you are interested in adding a generator to your fleet, are in need of maintenance or repair for your power generator or are wanting to develop a dependable back-up power solution for your business, contact us today.


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Monday - Friday   7:00am - 5:00pm


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