The Importance of Oil Analysis for Commercial Trucks

For businesses working in commercial trucking, owning and operating equipment represents a significant percentage of your spending budget. If you’re interested in getting the most significant return on your capital investment, reducing fuel consumption and service expenses and extending the life of your fleet, it’s critical to make oil analysis part of your preventive maintenance plan. Staying in tune with the fluids that help keep your trucks on the road and moving forward provides a simple yet powerful way to maximize productivity and boost your bottom line.

Regularly scheduled fluid sampling and advanced analysis is the best way to keep track of the level and condition of your oil and determine the optimal time for servicing the system. It also provides high-level insight into the health of a variety of essential parts and components. By analyzing what’s in your fluid, it’s possible to do everything from detecting the presence of metals that wear down pistons and cylinders to determining the wear rate on bearings. If there is moisture or contaminants in your engine line or you need to change the type of fluids you are using, you’ll learn all that and more by analyzing your oil.

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Reaping the Benefits of Advanced Fluid Analysis

There are many advantages of testing the oil in your truck. Collecting a sample only takes a few moments, and sending it out for analysis is cost-effective when you consider how much you will save in the long run by using the information learned in the process. If you’re still questioning why oil analysis is the right way to go for your organization, consider the following benefits including:

  • It Tells the Story You Can’t See – Daily walk-around inspections and regularly scheduled service intervals have a major impact on keeping heavy equipment running smoothly. Oil analysis takes preventive maintenance to the next level by revealing what’s going on inside your truck’s most crucial powertrain components.
  • You Can Identify Issues Earlier – A worn piston or bearing is a problem that can easily be fixed with little time and effort. Oil analysis uncovers problems before they fester and grow to lead to mechanical breakdowns that are extremely costly to complete. You’re able to avoid having to repair or replace your entire engine or power system and maximize equipment uptime.
  • Your Trucks Will Perform More Efficiently – Fuel burn is a primary concern for any commercial trucking business. Analyzing oil offers insights into ways to make adjustments that result in optimal fuel economy and lower emissions.
  • It Keeps Trucks Going Longer – Oil analysis helps businesses improve their maintenance programs for healthier, longer-lasting performance. Having a detailed record of testing and results also enhances resale value, providing peace of mind your equipment has been meticulously cared for over time.
  • It Saves Time and Money – Individually testing the oil of the trucks in your fleet allows you to put them on the optimal maintenance intervals. In most cases, you’re able to extend periods between oil and filter changes and other related tasks. Less frequent services and reduced supply needs lower your expenses and eliminate downtime.

Now that we’ve talked about the benefits of oil analysis for commercial trucks, it’s time to take action. NMC Truck Centers provides a comprehensive range of equipment management and preventive maintenance solutions throughout Nebraska and beyond. Our experienced team will help develop a fluid analysis plan and procedure customized to your particular requirements. Learn more by visiting our website, and contact us today to speak with a knowledgeable representative.