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What is Fleet Management? Fleet Management is the process of financing and managing a fleet of equipment. When managed incorrectly, a material handling fleet can cost companies thousands of dollars in lost productivity and reduced profit. An effective Fleet Management strategy is more than cost control and data management, it is an integrated effort to improve operations, lower forklift operating costs and increase profitability. 

Below are some common problems associated with managing a large forklift fleet and the product or service solutions that we might recommend.

1. High Maintenance and Repair Costs

Unexpected maintenance and repair costs and associated downtime can significantly impact the profitability of your operation. Here are some recommendations on how to reduce unexpected costs and increase productivity:

  • Planned Maintenance (pay as you go)
  • Total Maintenance and Repair (TM&R) Programs (monthly guaranteed to help budget expenses)
  • NMC Material Handling is the only forklift sells and service company in the area that will give guaranteed cost per maintenance contracts on current forklift fleets. (Guaranteed based on actual monthly usage of equipment.)
  • We also offer many programs to match your expense to your income periods. This is very important to improving cash flow, especially for companies with peak periods.

2. Improper Fleet Size or Mix

Equipment that doesn’t meet the needs of your operation is a headache that may increase costs and keep productivity low. Many customers who choose to implement good forklift fleet management practices find that they actually have more equipment than needed. To ensure you have the right forklifts and equipment for your operation, NMC Material Handling offers the following solutions to help you manage your fleet:

  • Fleet Audit by Qualified NMC Material Handling Representative
  • Customized Financing or Equipment Rental Solutions

3. Equipment Security

NMC Material Handling offers a wide variety of products that provide controlled access to your material handling equipment. The items listed below, can help ensure proper use of forklifts and can alert if service is needed on a unit.

  • Keyless Access
  • Data Tracking Systems
  • Provide documentation for OSHA

4. Damage to Product, Equipment or Facility

Damage is usually the result of careless or untrained operators, or use of forklift equipment that is improperly matched to the application. Ways to improve unnecessary damage to equipment, can include:

  • Operator Training
  • Travel Speed Limiters
  • Impact Monitors
  • Forklift Side Rails


To schedule your fleet audit to ensure you are maintaining and have the proper fleet for your operation, contact your local NMC Material Handling representative.

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