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scrubbers & sweepers

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NMC Material Handling now provides a full-line of industrial floor cleaners and sweepers from Karcher industrial products. 

Karcher is one of the leading manufacturers of cleaning systems with high-performance and versatile products to deliver the end results you are looking for. 

Industrial Floor Scrubbers

Available in walk-behind and riding models, Karcher industrial scrubbers are heavy-duty cleaning machines built for warehouses and industrial applications.
The line of scrubbers has the latest in auto scrubber technology which allows the operator conventional time-saving operation. With several models to ensure you have the right product for your application, the Karcher scrubbers can help keep your warehouse clean and appear professional. The line of scrubbers we carry, includes:
BD_80_120-WBD 80/120 W Bp Industrial Walk Behind Scrubber
 B_140 B 140 Industrial Rider Scrubber
BR100_250BR 100/250 Industrial Rider Scrubber
BR100_250_ANTHBR 100/250 ANTH Industrial Rider Scrubber
BR120_250_RBR 120/250 Industrial Rider Scrubber 

Industrial Floor Sweepers

Built with easy to use features, the Karcher industrial sweepers are innovative and have high-performance features that will help you obtain the maximum performance you're looking for.

With sizes from 34" to 51", Karcher has a sweeper for you. Designed for rugged reliability, Karcher sweepers give you an easy way to increase productivity. The line of Sweepers we carry, includes:

  KM_85_50-W KM 85/50 W Bp Adv Industrial Walk Behind Sweeper

 KM_100_100-RKM 100/100 R Bp Industrial Rider Sweeper

KM_120_150KM 120/150 Industrial Rider Sweeper

 KM_120_150_ANTHKM 120/150 R LPG Industrial Rider Sweeper 



To download the Karcher product line brochure, click here.

Click here to visit Karcher's website.

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