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pallet jacks and walkies

NMC Material Handling offers a full line of pallet trucks (walkies/electric jacks) for sale in Nebraska, Iowa, South & North Dakota and Idaho. Pallet trucks offer their operators mobility and flexibility in small spaces and are available in a range of capacities. 

hand pallet trucks

Non-powered pallet jacks are available in capacities up to 5,000 lbs. These smaller options are great for retail environments where employees may need to move merchandise short or longer distances.

 Cat Lift: Hand Pallet Truck 

Model: A400002043-A400002748

Capacity: 5500 lb

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 Mitsubishi: Hand Pallet truck 

Model: Multiple 

Capacity: 5500 lb

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This is a powered pallet truck commonly used in the loading dock area to load and unload trailers. Very maneuverable inside of trailers, and good for a limited travel area.

Jungheinrich: Walkie Pallet Trucks 

Model: EJE 120-225 Series

Capacity: 4500 lb - 6000 lb

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Mitsubishi: Walkie Pallet Trucks 

Model: PW23-PW30

Capacity: 4500 lb - 6000 lb

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These units are recommended if the operator needs to move materials form a dock area to another part of the building. Equipped with a standing platform, it allows operators to ride on the unit for quick transport.

Jungheinrich: Walkie End Rider Pallet Trucks 

Model: ECR 327-336 Series

Capacity: 6000 lb - 8000 lb

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Allow operators to place a load on a low level rack with the small mast.


Jungheinrich: Walkie Stacker Trucks 

Model: EMC & EJC Series

Capacity: 2200 lb - 3500 lb

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EJC Model Brochure


Mitsubishi: Walkie Stacker Trucks 

Model: PWF11-PWT18

Capacity: 2200 lb - 3500 lb

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