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High performance Ridg-U-Rak sets the industry standard for rigidity, strength and durability. As a full service pallet rack producer, the most common rack storage method, the high performance of Ridg-U-Rak storage systems are available in a variety of selection of sizes and capabilities.

structural pallet racks

Similar to Ridg-U-Rak High Performance Pallet Rack in capability and capacity, structural systems utilize hot-rolled structural steel channels for uprights and beams. Precise beam-to-frame bolted connections provide a strong, rigid storage structure that is easy to install and easy to repair. Structural pallet racks also provide 100% accessibility of all stored items.

Ridg-u-tier ii pallet racks

Ridg-U-Tier II rack systems are designed to be compatible with virtually any existing "tear drop" style upright frames. They let you step up to Ridg-U-Rak reliability when expanding your current system. Ridg-U-Tier II also gives you a unique center reinforcing rib, heavier bracing for added strength and rigidity, and larger columns for better impact resistance.

It simplifies the handling of heavy items, speeds storage and retrieval, and ends long waits for lift trucks. Integral pallets are vertically adjustable and feature a foolproof engagement system.


To learn more about the Ridg-U-Rak pallet rack storage system, contact an NMC Material Handling representative.

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