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Cushion LP Forklift Rentals from NMC

For regular users of forklifts, efficiency and comfort are key. You want to run the machine without interruption to get the job done, while benefitting from a comfortable and forgiving ride. If you’re looking at renting a forklift, choosing an LP-fueled forklift with cushion tires from NMC is the right choice. We carry a range of models from Cat® and Mitsubishi that give you the performance, features and reliability you want.

FGC15N - Transparent






Advantages of LP Fuel

Liquid propane forklifts are a popular choice across a wide range of industries due to their economy and ease of fueling. It’s fast and easy to change tanks wherever you are.

You also get impressive fuel efficiency that allows you to run all day and a reliable forklift rental that provides the power and versatility you need to keep working until the job is done. LP forklifts are especially practical when you’re away from other energy sources such as electric plugs or diesel fuel tanks.

Advantages of Cushion Tires

Choosing a rental forklift with cushion tires gives you the best in comfort, stability and handling. This makes a rental cushion LP forklift the ideal choice for a wide range of applications. Their compact size and low design allow for fast and nimble maneuvering.

They’re suitable for in tight spaces as well as for traveling over longer distances and over a variety of surfaces. Your forklift drivers will tire less quickly thanks to the comfort of cushion tires designed to minimize impacts, bumps and vibrations.

Renting From NMC Is Easy

It’s fast and easy to rent from NMC. We have an Online Rental Store that’s simple to search to find the right cushion LP forklift for your temporary rental needs. We carry popular models such as:

  • Cat: 2C3500, 2C5000, 2C6000, GC40KSPR4, GC55KSTR 
  • Mitsubishi: FGC15N, FGC20N, FGC25N, FGC30N 

Compare the different models and select the one that suits your application. You can add it to your cart Contact us to receive a free price quote.

You can also give us a call to learn about our competitive rental rates and organize your forklift rental with the help of our friendly and knowledgeable team. Take advantage of the benefits of a high-quality, high-performance cushion LP forklift rental from NMC Material Handling today!


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