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Pneumatic Tie Diesel Forklift Rentals From NMC

Choice is important for your business. When you need to rent a forklift for a temporary or emergency situation, you want to have the most choices possible. Choosing the right forklift that’s adapted to your loads, conditions and material-handling application means you can work faster and more efficiently. At NMC Material Handling, we pride ourselves on our large selection of rental pneumatic tire diesel forklifts available. We carry many different models, some featuring cabs-from industry leaders Cat® and Mitsubishi, including:

  • Cat: PD8000, DP40K, DP45K, PD11000, DP50K, PD12000, DP70
  • Mitsubishi: FD45N1, FD45KD






Popular Model Features

These models include a wide range of popular features that make them suitable across a wide range of industries and uses:

  • Cabs protect the user from inclement weather, noise and harsh environments both indoors and outdoors. They make for a comfortable and distraction-free working environment for forklift drivers.
  • The pneumatic tires and increased ground clearance offer a mix of comfortable ride and control over a variety of surfaces, including speed bumps, gravel, dirt and other loose surfaces.

Choose NMC for Your Forklift Rentals

Our goal at NMC is to be your partner for all of your forklift rental needs. It’s easy to find the equipment you want in our online inventory and obtain a free quote. We invite you to give us a call to learn more about our pneumatic tire diesel forklift rentals and our competitive rental rates. You may want to rent a forklift to replace one that’s broken or that’s being serviced, or maybe you’re planning to purchase a new forklift and want to try out several different models first before making your choice. Renting can also add additional forklifts to your fleet for a temporary increase in workload. In all cases, NMC Material Handling is here to help you out. Let us know when and how long you need your forklift rental. All you have to do is choose your fuel preference (LP or diesel) and select the model with the performance, load rating and features you need to work efficiently and safely.


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