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Ride-On Floor Scrubber and Sweeper Rentals From NMC

Keeping your industrial facility floors clean isn’t just a matter of appearance. While it is more appealing and inviting to have clean floors for your employees, visitors and customers, a clean floor has other benefits as well. At NMC Material Handling, we are your partner for all of your industrial equipment rentals. That includes our lineup of ride-on floor scrubbers and sweepers.


The Value of a Ride-On Floor Scrubber and Sweeper

Ride-on floor scrubbers and sweepers make keeping the floor clean much easier, and they can enhance your operation. They:

  • Maintain the cleanliness and value of your building: Over time, dirt and grime can start to build up and create an unappealing working environment. When dirt, oil and other stains aren’t cleaned up quickly, they can be worked into your floor, causing permanent stains and marks that are difficult and costly to remove.
  • Add to the safety of your facility: Accumulated dirt left on your floors is a potential safety risk. Loose items, metal filings, pallet debris and oils can all create a slip hazard. Renting a ride-on floor scrubber and sweeper allows you to clean up any spills and dirt accumulation before they become a hazard.
  • Allow for easy inspection of floors: In many buildings and industries, it is important to regularly inspect your flooring for cracks or wear. Sensitive applications like food and pharmaceutical product handling and chemical storage and production require leak-free floors to prevent contamination and pollution.

Trust NMC for Your Equipment Rental Needs

If you are looking for a fast and efficient way to clean your floors, consider a ride-on floor scrubber and sweeper rental from NMC Material Handling. We carry a variety of models that allow you to make quick work of your industrial floor cleaning. You can plan for a big one-time cleaning to get your facility clean again, plan for regular rentals for continuous maintenance or rent a cleaner for an emergency spill or mess. In just a few clicks, you can find the equipment you want and request a free quote. You can also give us a call to get our best rates or ask any questions you might have about our range of ride-on floor scrubbers and sweepers. Find out how NMC Material Handling has become a leader in equipment rental and how we can help you get your floors looking spotless with flexible and affordable sweeper and scrubber rental.


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