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Fluid maintenance is the most important factor in keeping engines and hydraulic systems operating at peak performance. The key to success of the Fluid Analysis is early detection. Monitoring your equipment throughout its life cycle can help identify potential trouble areas before they grow into major repairs. Avoiding major repairs with downtime is crucial to optimizing performance, maximizing productivity, protecting valuable equipment, reducing operating costs and increasing resale value.

The fluid analysis lab at NMC uses sophisticated analytical technology and experienced technicians to perform various tests on oil, coolant, hydraulic fluid and fuel samples that have been taken at regularly scheduled intervals. Our experts provide you with easy-to-understand, clear, concise and timely reports reflecting careful interpretations and recommendations. NMC representatives are also available to answer any questions as well as discuss report specifics.

NMC Material Handling is available to help you develop a plan uniquely suited to your operation, taking into consideration the various makes and models of equipment that you operate, the kind of work you do and your current maintenance practices.

Fluid Analysis is one of the most important maintenance support programs available:

  • Detects problems early, so they can be repaired before they become major failures. 
  • Helps you schedule downtime to fit your workload. 
  • Monitors positives as well as negatives, so that you won't have to pay for repair of components that are not worn out. 
  • Allows you to monitor maintenance schedules to verify that routine maintenance has been performed. 
  • Enables you to better manage budgets by predicting repairs, downtime and equipment life. 
  • Helps you develop a complete service history for each machine. This proves invaluable when evaluating performance and planning replacement purchases.
  • Documents service history for a higher price at trade-in or sale.

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