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Accurate Sample Taking

It is important to pull an accurate sample to obtain the full benefit of fuel analysis. Accurate and regular samples will save significantly in avoiding costly repairs and increase the resale value of your equipment.
The videos below provides a step by step process on how to take that accurate sample. Details on the process are also outlined here. 


Still have questions? Contact our technicians at 844.NMCTECH or at any time for a walk through of the process.

Sampling Tips

  • Be consistent on which method you utilize to sample your machine. This allows NMC to better identify trends.
  • Do not take samples from a waste oil container or a used filter.
  • If you take a sample from a drain stream, ensure that you have let the compartment drain for a while before you take your sample mid-stream.
  • Use a new piece of tubing after each sampling.
  • If you feel a sample is contaminated, discard it and take another.
  • Keep new empty oil bottles capped.
  • Store bottles and tubing in dust free plastic bags.

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