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Advanced Electrical Services

AES Landing page 

The need for clean, reliable electrical energy is increasing and becoming more critical than ever before. Businesses in critical power applications realize electrical energy is the life blood of their operation.
Advanced Electrical Services (AES) is the baseline electrical service to maximize the performance of your electrical system.

NMC Power Systems is now ready to service your Switchgear, Automatic Transfer Switches and Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) with our in-house AES Specialist. As your electrical systems solutions partner, our trained technicians are ready to provide you the most effective electrical energy solutions you need, regardless of make or model to help prevent total energy loss.

Equipment for Advanced Electrical Service Support & Maintenance 


Circuit breakers

Station Batteries

Emergency systems


Protective relays

Regulating apparatus

UPS batteries



Grounding systems

UPS systems

Advanced electrical services categories

At NMC, we understand downtime in critical power application is costly, that is why we train and update our technicians on any new service offerings and regulations to ensure your businesses’ needs are met and risks are minimalized.

Maintenance/Testing (C1)* Services that are needed to maintain and test the components and/or systems performance.  Retrofit/Upgrades (C2) Services relate to retrofitting and/or upgrading components of a customer's existing system to improve the systems performance and reliability.
Polarization Index   Circuit Breakers
Infrared Survey Reporting & Thermography   Protective Relays
Battery Maintenance for UPS   Controls  
Circuit Breaker Injection Testing   System Integration Analysis  
Protective Relay Testing   Data Communication System Support  
Transformer Testing    

*Based on NETA

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