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NMC Student Sponsorship Programs


For over 20 years, NMC has partnered with diesel technology schools in the midwest, offering a premier sponsorship opportunity for students interested in pursuing a career in the heavy equipment industry. In collaboration with the Midwest's finest diesel technology schools, our programs include: 

  • Two paid summer internships (dependent upon student start date)
  • Paid Tuition, Books, Fees, Uniforms (up to a $10,000 value)
  • Toolbox (up to a $7,000 value)
  • Personalized mentoring during the summer and school year
  • Opportunity to earn an Associate's of Applied Science degree in Diesel Technology
  • Employment and career progression opportunities with NMC  

 Student Programs Apply Now

Click Here to apply or contact Talent Solutions for additional information. Email us at or call at 402-891-7555

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Paid COOP/Internships

Choose a Career Pathway with a Solid Industry Partner

NMC works with students from various diesel programs across the state to help students meet their required COOP/Internship requirement for graduation. Students at any diesel school are eligible to apply for this unique opportunity that includes:

  • Paid summer coop/internship
  • Will work side by side with a senior technician on diagnosing and repairing equipment
  • Personalized mentoring
  • Potential employment and career progression opportunities with NMC

Click here to apply. Or, contact Talent Solutions for additional information. Email or call 402-891-7555.

What People Are Saying About OUR Programs...

“Taking pride in my work is what’s most important to me. To go home at the end of the day knowing that you learned something new makes me proud to have a job that keeps me on my toes, as well as mentally and physically strong. I often look back on my experience as a Sponsorship Student and realize how far I’ve come and thank the many people that helped me grow into the person I am today.” 
Heavy Equipment Technician, Former Sponsorship Student

“I have always been impressed with how NMC has taken students under their wing and made them a part of their company from the minute they are accepted into the program.  NMC is as concerned about the well being of students as it is their performance in the classroom.  It is an A+ company with a great philosophy of ensuring the success of its employees.”
Industrial Technology Teacher, Millard North High School

“Remember when Charlie found the golden ticket in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory?  Well, that is what an NMC sponsorship is to my students.  The golden ticket is the opportunity to further their education with tuition reimbursement, hands-on experience during the summer, and personalized mentoring throughout the sponsorship...Each time I visit NMC, the environment feels more like a family than it does a business.  They get a grade of A plus from me.” 
Career Counselor, Bellevue West High School 

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